Wednesday, August 12, 2009


missing 2 of them(at least).


  1. wow, you really nailed it! and these are beautiful. can you write out the beats you did and are missing,

  2. Thanks. The beats I wanted to do are the following (the "*" ones are the two left)
    1) Battle at Ten Alders
    2) Arrival at Roke
    3) The Summoning
    4) The Bargain with the Pendor Dragon
    5) Pursuit of the Shadow (should be after 9, my bad)
    6) The Confrontation with Skiorh
    7) Conversations with Serret
    8) Escape from the Old Powers*
    9) Consult with Ogion*
    10) Naming the Shadow

    I wanted to keep the number of beats manageable. These were other beats I thought of.

    1) Lessons with the aunt
    2) Ogion revives Ged
    3) Ogion saves Ged from the shadow
    4) Ged Boards the Shadow (boat)
    5) Meeting Nemerile
    6) Intro of Vetch and Jasper
    7) The Master Namer/Recovery
    8) Fever healing/ Crossing the wall
    9) The Powers of the Earth
    10) In pursuit of the Shadow
    11) The ring of Erreth-Akbe/ The Atoll
    12) Reuniting with Vetch

  3. Man, I love these. Especially 6 and 7 .