Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ten Alders Development (and Duny)

Just some visual brainstorming right now. Mostly just wanted to get something up. Notes in my comments.


  1. In the story it mentions that Ten Alders is at the high end of a valley, plus at the battle with the Kargs some of them get pushed off a cliff. So I see the village as being layered and going down the mountain like stairs.

    For the buildings of the town I was thinking of something that says small village, but not primitive. Which is why I went with combining the thatched roof, but wood surrounding. Except for the witches hut which I wanted to distinguish from the rest of the buildings making it look closer to the Earth so to speak. I am leaning toward the direction of her hut surrounded by bush, like if you weren't paying attention you might miss it in the forest.

    Lot more I'm still fleshing out, can't wait to see what everyone else is cooking up :)

  2. DOPE! As soon as you said the village being layered, I started thinking of Machu Picchu. I like the idea of stepping up the design to not be so primitive, incorporating wood in the sides, and I also like the Japanese influence on the roof. I hope you take that first thumbnail to finish.

    The aunt's house looks good too. It reminds me more of a polynesian tiered thatched house, but I think I'm just biased. The only remotely constructive thing I have to offer is, when and if you take the house to a finish, maybe add some lichen or other types of moss, and possibly warp the frame of the house so it looks worn and old. Not so much in disrepair, but like it's been around for ever. I really like the mood in the first thumbnail, with the dappled light, really nice.

    Awesome stuff man. Reminds me of a quote that sums up how I feel right now:
    "Must not sleep. Must warn others."

  3. haha, awesome, glad you like it. Yea, I was feeling the first thumbnail the most too(that's why it's first :p) Cool, I agree about the aunts house, definitely want the feeling you mentioned. Thanks.