Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I need to redraw some of these, and paint a couple. Beats are next.


  1. really cool man, I think you hit it pretty well. The lankiness fits, it's how I was seeing him too. The full figures all work well I think and I like the subtle changes you made to the far left one. He was a little too confident in the one before, but this one seems about right. I like the expressions, but at first glance I was thinking 4 and 6 seem a little recycled. If I look objectively and think of them outside the context of your other work maybe not as much, but as far as me feeling like how HE would react to a surprise or whatever those two are a little shaky in my mind. Awesome stuff all around though. Can't wait to see the beats.

  2. Yeah the full figures of him are great, especially the left one and the upper right one.

    Maybe just toning down the surprised expressions, or making them subtler would help. My favorites on the expression sheets are the first and second heads. It just feels right, and there are very subtle and tiny character tweaks to them, and that's why they work so well, maybe if those heads reflected that it would help.